December 2022, The Netherlands

In this project, Alia Mascia(XEROXED) and Alice Alloggio explored the themes of publishing through garments (make public), the coexistence of disparate contents from different people on a garment, co-publishing and collaboration, and the possibility of spreading visual content on different garments in order to create an interaction between wearers.

They addressed these elements by working together on the design of two looks that functioned as a canvas where to publish some content selected by following a “macro theme” and work with it as if they were two contributors to a magazine. The theme selected is the method, and in particular, the core investigation started from the questions “How would you translate your design/working method in visual content? What visual/textual elements would you select to give an idea of what your practice is about to an external audience?”

With these questions in mind, they worked on an individual selection of materials, and in a consequent phase they made these materials interact by co-working on a single “page”. This page, which represented the result of the connection between the two contributions on the macro theme, was then printed on two cotton white outfits by using sublimation print. The experiment resulted in two printed outfits with visual content spread all over the surface. The seams, pockets, folds, and wrinkles of the pieces distorted, cut, and mixed the texts and images, creating interesting interactions between the visuals and the textile.

By spreading the content on different garments, different bodies can interact to complete each other, as a living cut-up.