April 2023, The Netherlands

Readinground is a cross-disciplinary cluster positioned at the intersection of publishing, fashion, and printed matter. Readinground is the practical link between latent ideas and physical end results. Founded by Alia Mascia, Alice Alloggio, and Maria Spadoni, Readinground originates from the shared urgency for a playground where to connect and expand the urgencies which interrelate their individual artistic practices: the critical exploration of alternative, non-industrial modes and frameworks for making, doing, and experiencing fashion and clothes.

The Reading Rug is designed as a versatile and cross-disciplinary space that can accommodate different types of reading materials such as garments, booklets, zines, and (text)iles. The published objects can be browsed through, flipped, unfolded, worn, and experienced by the visitors, who can inhabit the Rug as a playful reading space. The Reading Rug originates from our necessity to create shared spaces within the extensive field of publishing, where to foster the encounter of plural collectivities that engage in alternative making and research.

We aim to question the traditional fair setting by creating a playful reading space where to engage and interact with the fashion item as a publishing platform and display how our individual researches dialogue in their fundamental intents. The Reading Rug discloses the core around which Readinground’'s both collective and individual practices are articulated, which is the extensive field of publishing as an artistic practice. The project takes a critical perspective on the publishing and fashion industry and aims to expand the notion of what a publishing practice can be.

The content published on the Rug unfolds through four conceptual cores, that are closely intertwined. These four clusters can be conceived as the theoretical framework from which our practices arise, and they gather quotes, fragments of texts, theoretical references, and definitions that shape our practices and field of interest.

  1. Artistic Research ⊙
  2. Publishing ☁
  3. (Re)Publishing ✱
  4. Garment Publishing ≡

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