The Expanded Edition 00 represents the leading foundation of the whole project and can be conceived as an ongoing, expanded edition. In this edition, the material utilized comes from a private archive belonging to my family that first started to be kept in 1974 and went on growing until the end of 2001 when it was put on hold. In 2016 I took the archive in hand and tried to reconstruct it, adding missing items and new acquisitions. The collection, which covers the period from the second half of the 1960s until the early 2000s, comprises flyers, fanzines, booklets, posters, and publications linked to the italian countercultural scene. 

XEROXED aims to bring about a reactivation of the contents in question through the fabric, which becomes a canvas and is turned into a new page on which to reawaken universes of meaning sleeping in the archive. In the process, the texts and images have often been reworked, distorted, and recomposed by hand with gestural choreographies carried out on the scanner bed.

The new mode of dissemination of the material is achieved by establishing a conversation between two media that are perceived in different ways but can both be read: fanzine and garment, paper and fabric.

Within this edition, there are different volumes, each one of them characterized by a different fanzinography (a list of all the sources used for the creation of the print).


Ed.00 vol.1 geek trousers

Ed.00 vol.2 il logo di dio waistcoat

Ed.00 vol.3 pamphlet t-shirt series