Characters design and illustrations by Raffaele D’Acunzi

With the help and consultancy of Alessandra Varisco

The XEDDY-to-wear: garments can speak! project was born out of the urgency to create an alternative to contemporary fashion-oriented toys, in which kids are taught to design in standardised ways, and are never introduced to the fashion system mechanisms of production and consumption.

XEDDY-to-wear, garments can speak!claims the kid agency on fashion and garments, making them aware that their consumer habits affect both society and the environment.

To educate the new generations about the impact that their consuming behaviour can have on the environment, on the people that work in factories, and on our health, is an act of solidarity that can trigger a long-term positive change. Educating children on the importance of a conscious consuming approach is one of the tassels of the biggest change that has to take place in fashion, and perhaps one of the most important. Growing up knowing what and who is hidden behind the fabrics and seams of a garment will hopefully make children more sensitive and supportive towards the victims of the paranoid, fast pace of fashion production.

XEDDY-to-wear: garments can speak!is designed to raise kids’ awareness on topics such as overproduction, fast fashion, the value of garments, and fashion workers’ conditions.

The toy operates on two levels: designing clothes through a non-traditional design approach and learning about fashion production and consumption. Accessible explanations of how the fashion industry works are combined with fun activities on how to make fashion. These exercises implicitly help the kid to start understanding the mechanisms of clothes production and consumption while highlighting the unethical and wrong aspects of industrial production.

Through the activties, the kid learns how to develop garments for XEDDY’s ungendered stuffed body, with a specific focus on garments as a publishing platform - garments with prints, texts, drawings, patterns, etc… that can be considered a surface to share information. XEDDY-to-wear, unlike today’s fashion-oriented games, is not gender specific and is aiming at dissolving the culturally rooted gender differentiation between toys.